How to make a car air freshener


  • 6g Augeo Clean Multi
  • 1.5g Baccarat Rouge Fragrance Oil


  • 1 x Car Diffuser Bottle - Black


  • Small jug/pipette
  • Kitchen roll to protect your work surface.
  • Protective gloves. 


Step 1: Measure your fragrance oil and diffuser base

Using your pipette and a measuring jug, we suggest measuring around 15% - 25% of fragrance or essential oil and around 75% -85% of diffuser base.
For this tutorial, we’ve chosen to use Baccarat Rouge oil at its maximum usage of 20% fragrance load. The amount of mixture you need would depend on the size of the diffuser bottle used. The car air freshener we’ve used in this tutorial is a 7.5ml bottle. To fit our diffuser bottle, we recommend mixing 1.5ml of fragrance or essential oil and 6 ml of our augeo diffuser base.

Step 2: Fill your Air Freshener

Gently pour in your fragrance oil and diffuser base into your chosen air freshener bottle.

Step 3: Add Cap

Screw on your chosen coloured cap if using straight away. If you're selling to customers, place your bung back into your bottle before placing the cap on. If you don't want to hang your bottle in your car, you can use one of our vent clips. Just unscrew your lid and place on your bottle neck before replacing the lid. You can then slot your diffuser on to your car's air vent!

Step 4: Using you Air Freshener

Remove your bung and place the lid back on your bottle. Tilt your bottle slightly to saturate the cork inside of the lid. The more you tilt your bottle, the stronger your fragrance will be. Be careful not to over saturate the cork and cause the bottle to leak, a swift silt should do the trick!

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