Grapeseed Oil - Refined

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INCI – Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

Grapeseed Oil is a by-product of the wine & juice industry. We take the pulp of the by-product & reprocess the seeds to further extract the oil. No waste! This tasteless & aromaless (due to it being refined) oil is very versatile & very popular as a base oil to carry many other natural ingredients. The oil gives the skin a silky, smooth texture hence its popularity in massage & as a base of creams/lotions & shampoos. It supposedly carries regenerative attributes so is commonly used in nutritious & healing skin/hair care products.

A by-product of the wine & juice industry, so no waste! Very versatile and cost effective, not impacting your formulation colour or aroma due to its refined state.

Delivers silky smooth skin hence its popularity in massage & as a base to shampoos and lotions.

Known to carry regenerative attributes so commonly used in skin & hair healing formulations.

A super carrier oil that is robust and able to carry any essential oil.