Kerawax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax

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Paraffin Pillar Wax

A professional grade, superb quality paraffin pillar blend wax for pillar candle making. It is also suitable for moulded candles, votives and wax tarts/melts Our pillar wax has a creamy and smooth appearance perfect for luxury high end pillar candles. This wax boasts world class scent throw, requires no additives, has a long shelf life and gives a superb gloss finish. As with all pillar blends, this wax will require two-three pours and will self-release from moulds. Your pillar candle should be cured for 48 hours before test burning at room temperature. For best results we recommend to use with our LX series wick for clean and long lasting burn.

Wax specification

Name: 4600 Paraffin Candle Wax Blend Hold up to 12% fragrance oil Melt point of 57°C. Sold in pastilles form. Typical use: Pillar candles, moulded candles, wax tarts