Palm Oil - Refined

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Elaeis Guineensis Oil

Our Palm Oil is sustainable. We present Palm Oil, Refined (Sustainable). Expeller pressed & refined from the pulp of the palm fruit, our Colombian material is sustainable all round. Palm oil has been a staple product in both the food & cosmetic world for decades & for good reason. Solid at room temperature Palm oil melts at approx. 30 degC & melts on application to the skin. This means it is a very simple product to formulate with. Due to its refined state not only can it withstand high temperatures making it very stable, but also it is odourless so you can flavour/fragrance it however you see fit. A very strong emollient, this oil absorbs wonderfully & due to its rich fatty acid profile & high beta carotene content, it nourishes effectively. It is considered a cost effective & worthy ingredient in the manufacturing of soap base or any cosmetic base across the sector.

A very stable Oil & robust in your formulations.

A super absorbing, hydrating emollient oil that melts into your skin.

This oil delivers silky smooth skin & hair when applied directly.

A wealthy fatty acid profile & rich in beta carotene content. 

This product is refined to give you the functionalities of the oil without the aroma affecting your formulation.     

When this product is packed in small quantities it is put into poly bags and boxed with your remaining order. Larger quantities come in original packaging, i.e. bagged and boxed. We also offer some weight options in lidded pails or drums (see separate product). If we are shipping to a warm climate where this product will be liquid, please ensure you order the product in a sealed drum or multiples of.