Aquarius Mica Powder

Aquarius Mica Powder

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This colour is probably best described as a beguiling sea green which is almost iridescent in nature and very popular. 

These pearl pigments are vibrant, non-bleeding cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments that are perfect for CP and M&P handcrafted soaps. They are loved by soap makers who prefer a more natural approach to colour their creations. 

Used in clear M&P soap our colours will remain vibrant and their enchanting sparkle will be enhanced as the light is able to refract off the mica particles.

In CP Soap, the colour effect may be extremely vibrant or slightly more subdued depending on the technique used and although the sparkle may not be so intense, the shimmer remains giving that exquisite, luxurious feel to the finished soap.

These pearl pigments are easily predispersed in a small amount of your chosen carrier oil, glycerin or alcohol. 

Here are some of their attributes:

  • ​Eco Friendly
  • Maximum Sparkle
  • High Coverage (Glamour Range)
  • High Adhesion
  • Soft Tactile Feel
  • More stable than bio glitter
  • Superior quality means higher performance in all applications
  • More natural colouring solutions in a nature conscious world
  • Stable colours for a wide variety of applications
  • Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegans, Kosher and Halal
  • Clean and clear customer friendly labelling for your products
  • Technical support for cosmetic assessments - MSDS/TDS/COA

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