Turquoise Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter

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Bioglitter® is the first legally compliant and certified, naturally derived Glitter to come to market.

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Origin: U.K.

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Description: Turquoise Cosmetic Bio-glitter® is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily Eucalyptus, environmentally sourced from responsibly managed plantations. Cosmetic Bio-glitter® contains low levels of heavy metals and zero antimony, it feels much more comfortable on the skin and is physically 30-40% softer than Polyester Glitter and gives a more comfortable experience for the end-user. All Bio-Glitters are cut hexagonal in shape.

Bioglitter is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Developed to help tackle the part glitter plays in microplastic pollution, Bioglitter uses plant material as its basis rather than polyester and will naturally degrade into harmless substances in the environment. Bioglitter replaces the polyester film used in traditional glitter with a plant derived specialised regenerated cellulose, extracted primarily from eucalyptus grown in managed plantations operating to FSC or PEFC standards. It is important to note that this current version of Bioglitter does not fully comply with new UK legislation banning microplastics in rinse-off cosmetic products as it still contains tiny amounts of plastics in the colour-coating process, although new versions are currently being developed to be 100% plastic-free and we will bring these to you as soon as available.

Suggestions for Use: Bio-Glitter can be used in a wide range of Cosmetic and Toiletry products, ranging from Make-up, Hair Gel, Sun Screen, and numerous Oil, Water and Alcohol based products. Suitable for lip products in the EU. Not solvent resistant, not suitable for nail polish.

Microfine flake > 90% biodegradable 'gold' coloured glitter pigment.